Monday, January 16, 2017

Christmas Concerts 2016

Well done to all the Junior Infant classes who performed their Christmas concerts so well this year!!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Cor Fheile 2012!

Well done to all the fourth class pupils who took part in the Cor Fheile in the City Hall before Easter. Thank you to all the teachers and musicians who helped on the day!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Niamh O'Gorman - Widow Twankey's Story


The Scoil Nioclais play ‘Aladdin’ preformed by the students of Mr Moyninhan’s 4th Class origanally began around Christmas time 2008, with the school drama teacher Irene Warren as the director. We practised during our school drama class time. At first it wasn’t going too well and Irene was thinking about closing the show. Then at one of our final lessons we suddenly preformed better than ever. The show was back on! We performed at Christmas and it was a huge hit, all our parents came to see it and they loved it. Irene was very proud of us. A few months later we were asked to participate in a compitition against other Schools who were also doing plays, most of them secondary schools. We added some songs and a few new lines to make it look better and to make it longer. The songs in it were called Aladdin, washing and scrubbing, Abanazar the kind and genie. We had to practice for it after school on Mondays Wednsdays and Fridays until the day of the first show in Deerpark secondary school on the 10th of March 2009. We were told to wear lots of make-up on stage beacause of the lights. We were all quite nevous at first but when we got on stage. We really enjoyed ourselves. We must have done a great job because we came fourth out of all the schools that preformed. We got a Trophy for it. Vika got a best actress award. The next time we preformed was in the school halla on the 3rd of April 2009 (the last day before the easter holidays) for most of the school. We were Introduced by Ms Kenny. We didn’t have to wear make-up then because there was no lights on stage. The last time we preformed was on the 15th of May 2009 in Ringaskiddy community hall and we preformed Aladdin for the last time, and guess what? You won’t believe it we ……..WON. We came first in the most Important out of all our preformances.
And that’s how it all happened. That’s how the Scoil Nioclais play Aladdin was born.

Sarah Meany's - Aladdin

Aladdin and the Magic Cave
Abanzar Son - Robert Froggett
Abanzar Vika - Fleming
Cow - Hamza Sulluam
Wishy Washy - Aaron Doyle
Aladdin - Ross Howell
Widow Twanky - Niamh O’ Gorman
Genie - Rebecca Healy
Dumb - Sean Grace
Dumber - Chloe Murphy
Jasmine - Katie Brennan
1st girl - Clara Barriscale
2nd boy - Luke Lewis
King - Ryan Tracy
Body Guards - Cathal Kenny, Niall Moore, Conor McCarthy, Stephen O’ Sullivan & Uday Mitra.
Washing Girls - Sarah Meany, Natasha Singhal, Aine Buckley, Abbie O’ Sullivan, Louise Coughlan, Grace Allen, Clodagh Deady, Laura Shelly, Clara O’ Sullivan, Rachel Hurley & Sarah Williamson.

This year we performed the play ‘Aladdin’. We first performed it with our drama teacher Irene for our Christmas concert.

When Mr O’ Coughlin watched us he decided to enter into competitions. We had to do loads of practice before we went on stage for real. Mr O’ Coughlin played the piano and taught us lots of new songs. It took a lot of practicing but after a while we got to know them.

The first competition was in Deerpark and we came fourth. At the Deerpark competition Vika Fleming got the best actress award for Abanazar. We received two trophies for Deerpark.

At Easter we performed for most of the school in the halla.

The second competition was at Ringaskiddy Youth Festival to do our last performance of the play. The Adjudicator’s report said that all performers were excellent. The adjudicator thought that our songs were fun and cool. On 22nd of May Louise Coughlan and Grace Allen went to collect the trophy for the class. Vika received a plaque for best performer.

And before I forget we came in………..First Place with 90 marks out of 100…….

We had loads of fun with Mr O’ Coughlin and Irene.

Hope you liked the journey through Aladdin!

The end

Aladdin and the Magic Cave by Laurie Shelly

We started doing this play around early November 2008. It was going to be a pantomime for our school’s Christmas Concert. Irene
Warren was our drama instructor. She was the one who decided that Aladdin would be a good play for us to do. We got to work straight away and there was an audition for each part.
Ross was picked to play Aladdin and Niamh was chosen to play the part of his cranky old mother, The Widow Twankey. Vika had to play the evil black witch Abanazer and Robert played her evil little son. Rebecca was the genie, Katie was the princess and Ryan was the sultan.
Hamza was Niamh’s cow, Betsy, and Aaron was Niamh’s washer boy, Wishy Washy. Sean and Chloe were Dumb and Dumber. Clara and Luke played two naughty village children.
Everyone got their lines and Irene showed us what we had to do. Soon enough our play was in full swing!
We had lots of rehearsals and finally the day of the concert arrived. All the parents had come to see us. We were a bit nervous but as soon as we began everyone was enjoying themselves and it was a great success!!!
A few weeks later our principal, Micheál Ó Cochláin, came into our classroom and told us about a Dramafest that was going to be held in a nearby school called Deerpark. Since he thought we were so good in the Christmas Concert he asked us would we like to enter Aladdin in it and of course we said yes.
So there was even more rehearsals and we added in some songs as well. We took out some of the old lines and added in some new ones. We changed our costumes and got new props. Our show was going to be great!
When it was time for the show, we were a bit nervous again, like the last time, but we did our best and we were proud of ourselves. It turned out that we came 4th out of 27 plays! We got The Best Primary School award and Vika Fleming (who was the evil black witch, Abanazer in the play) got a special acting award!!!
But that wasn’t the end of Aladdin. We had two more shows coming up. The first was for everyone in the school to watch, and the second was for Ringaskiddy Youth Festival! We were nervous when we got up on the stage. We could hear the excited chatter of our audience from behind the curtain. As we got into our places for the opening scene, we all knew that we would do our bests and have fun, even if we did make one or two mistakes, and that was all that mattered.
The next day Mr. Ó Cochláin came into our classroom and told us that we came 1st! All our practice had paid off! We were very happy. Vika also got another acting award! The award ceremony was to be held in Ringaskiddy the Friday after the show. Our teacher, Mr.Moynihan had to pick two names out of a hat. Those two people were chosen to go and accept the trophy. He picked Grace Allen and Louise Coughlan. Vika went as well to receive her own prize.
We got a big trophy, and now it’s in the school’s trophy case, alongside the other ones from Deerpark. All our wishes came true, just like Aladdin, who has his golden lamp, and we now have our lovely golden trophy. And we all lived happily ever after.


Friday, May 8, 2009

Deerpark Boys!

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Scoil Niocláis Rang 4 are Magic!

Mr Moynihan’s Rang 4 struck gold and jewels with their production of Aladdin and the Magic Cave recently in the Dramafest in Deerpark.

Rang 4 not only won the Cork Youth Dramafest Best Primary School Production Award but also the Graffiti Trophy presented for the most original contribution to the festival of drama which is organised every year by Mr. Bill O’Sullivan of Deerpark Secondary School. Scoil Niocláis came fourth place in the overall entry of 27 production.

Ms. Vika Fleming, who played the part of the Abanazar the Wicked Witch, was presented with a special acting award.